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Customer Stories

LOTE Marketing – Language Other Than English Marketing

About LOTE Marketing

LOTE Marketing– (Language Other Than English Marketing) is a multicultural marketing agency that serves advertising needs for multicultural companies in helping them to deliver their message, product or brand to multicultural audiences. LOTE Marketing not only uses the best professional level translators available to translate the message and produce multilingual campaign materials, but also helps in effectively targeting a greater audience.

“While providing a range of advertising and marketing services like advertisements, brochures, corporate videos, research, planning and strategy to digital marketing production and delivery, LOTE Marketing serves the non-English Australian community including employers, advertising agencies and marketing professionals wishing to communicate with audiences from diverse cultural backgrounds.”

Drivers to the Cloud

The biggest influence for LOTE Marketing to move to a cloud-based platform was when their on-premises hardware was nearing end of life and an unexpected hardware failure nudged them towards a new solution. “It was clear that we needed something more reliable than an on-site server”, spoke Peta Reynolds – Project Manager of LOTE Marketing about the disappointing experience caused by the server failure. The team have started realizing the significant limitations and challenges in cost, performance, and agility caused by the on-site hosted server by the time this incident occurred.

The anticipation of the needs of its growing customer base was also one of the reasons that drove the company to move into the cloud.

According to Peta, AWS was chosen as the PaaS for LOTE Marketing, as for the reasons; convenience and agility with the rapid increase of the global customer base. Through this experience, LOTE Marketing built up a profound dimension of aptitude in security, systems administration, while removing the burden associated with on-premise environments.

Among many of the other drivers to the cloud, the security of data was a major concern with the rise of malicious attacks and crypto-style events. Have the data securely in an encrypted and secure cloud system removed the burden of securing the physical office environment. LOTE Marketing now have all data encrypted at rest, all backups are encrypted and kept safe for as long as they choose – using services like Deep Glacier it makes sense to keep backups for longer than ever before.

Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)

LOTE Marketing has been considering moving on to AWS even before the server failure took place as they have been realizing the challenges and potential pitfalls that are inherent with on-site servers and all the software running on that sever requiring the staff to be located in the same physical location. AWS provides the facility to migrate from a normal workstation to a graphical workstation in a matter of seconds and this has been benefitting their advertising market in an efficient way. In addition, AWS supports multiple technology stacks making it easier to manage the business on the public cloud based platform.

One of the other primary concerns for LOTE Marketing when contemplating the move to the cloud was the security. Data security being one of the main pillars of the AWS business model, it is virtually guaranteed that the data is stored more securely in the cloud than in an on-premises server.

With AWS, the company exploits a scalable, reliable, and secure worldwide computing infrastructure, the virtual backbone of’s multi-billion-dollar online business that has been sharpened for over a decade. On the other hand, they can also scale up or down the computing resources according to business demand and requirements. Deploying new Workspaces or servers as well as the reduction of superfluous resources are instantly attainable.

Given LOTE Marketing’s growing client base, the organization uses an expansive number of AWS Products and Services, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), Amazon Workspaces, Route 53, CloudFormation, CloudTrail, CloudFront, CloudWatch, Amazon SES, Secrets manager and more.

The Benefits of Working with AWS and WOLK Technology – an AWS Advanced consulting partner and “Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows” Solution Provider

Moving on to AWS has given LOTE Marketing the ability to go global, as it doesn’t require a specific location for staff members, in fact, they can work from anywhere in the world by logging in to their own workspaces environment. This has given the benefits and the capability to work globally despite the difficulties with doing so. Ash, the salesperson of LOTE Marketing especially finds it convenient and easy as he can access the platform from anywhere with lower latency than before and also enjoys a better user experience at a minimal cost. Apart from that, this process has reduced the expenses on hardware – the company could cut down the expenditure in the installation, configuration, and maintenance of on-premise servers including power costs, physical security concerns and cooling.

AWS security and compliance is a mutual responsibility model; the double layered protection – the first layer of AWS security and the second layer of security architecture customized depending on the business requirements. LOTE Marketing has benefitted from the extra security offered by AWS by opening only port 443 and further securing their client portal by using CloudFront. LOTE Marketing can further protect themselves by only making their client portal available to certain geographic locations.

LOTE Marketing has also promoted the fast-paced working environment, reduced downtime, higher productivity and ensured customer satisfaction which eventually leads to higher revenue.

Looking Forward

LOTE Marketing keeps on propelling themselves to new heights while working closely with WOLK Technology, the organization intends to incorporate more AWS services into the platform.

LOTE Marketing now also has the ability to properly budget for tenders that they choose to bid for, having a fixed cost per employee or contractor, safe in the knowledge that the customer data never leaves the LOTE Marketing environment and when the tender ends, they no longer pay for those resources. A whole new way of working has opened up to LOTE Marketing, with the ability to engage staff or contractors from anywhere and at a moment’s notice. There are several AWS services that LOTE Marketing has not explored yet that may be of interest in the future to help automate and streamline the business, these include Elastic Transcoder, Kinesis Video Streams, Media Convert to name a few.


HSA – Hydraulic Seals Australia

About HSA

Hydraulic Seals Australia (HSA) leads the hydraulic seals market in Australia, providing custom-engineered and OEM hydraulic components by executing strategies consistent with Lean Enterprise, Technical Leadership and having the support of premium suppliers. With the manufacturing and warehouses located in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle and Queensland HSA provides quality products along with highly trained professionals – each employee working directly with the customer from procurement to delivery and inventory management.

With the mission of “Let us do for you what we do the best”, HSA serves a broad range of customers all over Australia. With the experience of more than 20 years, HSA provides an extensive range of seal inventory for an affordable price with fast order processing and delivery.

Drivers to the Cloud

HSA was running two on-premises servers which were generating a lot of noise and causing disturbances for the employees. After experiencing numerous problems with on-premises equipment and not being able to keep up with the pace of demand, HSA decided to look for an alternative to overcome the challenges.

HSA decided to abandon the on-premises servers and move into a hosted shared server environment, belonging to a third-party vendor. But with the managed service provider failing to address the company needs and not being able to deliver the demand, HSA was facing new problems including regular downtime and system slows.

HSA decided to entrust their infrastructure to WOLK Technology and WOLK migrated them from the failing hosting facility with the minimum disruption possible. WOLK wanted to meet the customer needs without sever failure and have the capacity to expand when needed. Public cloud hosting was the answer and HSA was migrated over to AWS.

“We were exhausted by the constant issues we had to deal with from the third-party who hosted the server for the company” said Kelly Barrett of HSA. “WOLK technology brought us hope and faith that we could overcome these issues by moving into the cloud with AWS” she further stated.

Wolk technology could imagine the cost and time which HSA had wasted on servers on premises and with a third-party vendor. WOLK introduced EC2 and AWS as IaaS which could benefit the company and helps to keep up with the growth that HSA are experiencing throughout Australia. WOLK created a design based on their needs but specifically designed to run on EC2.

Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)

With the disappointing experience of on-site servers, HSA was looking for a reliable, agile solution and a service ideal for the company requirements. After the cloud conversations with WOLK technology – an AWS Advanced consulting partner, HSA was amazed at all the services available from AWS which were reliable, inexpensive and ideal for the company demands.

HSA needed an urgent answer when their previous hosting partner could no longer support their needs – the business was suffering, and staff were getting frustrated with the frequent downtime. WOLK was able to build the new environment for HSA to trial in less than 24 hours, upon the completion of the testing, it was a simple task of migrating the data and HSA was trading using their new services hosted in AWS.

HSA was concerned about moving on to a cloud solution which could accommodate the huge amount of data the company owned while being able to stay within budget. The company was interested in AWS services and the advantages of a scalable, reliable and secure global computing infrastructure. HSA was keen to have the information safely in an encrypted and secure cloud framework away from the burden of securing the physical office and infrastructure. Using native tools and AWS storage services (incl) Glacier, HSA now have a 7 year backup plan configured to include all data.

The Benefits of Working with AWS and WOLK Technology – an AWS Advanced consulting partner and “Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows” Solution Provider

“We were committed to providing a functional, operational system to the company. We additionally had an obligation to HSA to ensure that the project could be completed in a short time period. Using AWS features empowered us to meet these requirements and we are excited with the outcomes”, says James Bettaney and Wayne Hayes – Solution Architects for WOLK technology, regarding the experience after implementing the solution for HSA.

The solution provided by WOLK Technology and built on AWS means that HSA staff are no longer desk bound – they can access the system from virtually everywhere. This new, modernised approach also means that HSA can relocate staff at a moment’s notice – opening a new branch for instance is now a very simple task.

HSA uses several other AWS services to support their infrastructure: Route 53 for their domain and DNS hosting, along with some failover functions, Systems Manager and AWS Config for the automation of system maintenance and compliance, S3, Glacier, AWS Backup for backup and archiving.

HSA also utilise a single Workspaces instance where the function or data is best suited to a dedicated machine rather than a shared environment, or where the software used is not supported in a shared environment. This was a real enabler as it assisted the accounts and payroll department be online almost instantly while alleviating the issues that come with multiple systems and financial applications / tax portals.

Looking Forward / Learn More / What’s Next

While continuing to move forward as a company, HSA continues to work closely with WOLK Technology on their cloud journey on AWS. WOLK Technology continually reviews and improves their environment utilising the Well Architected Framework, whilst constantly gaining more insight into the day to day functions.


Wolk are the only “cloud server” solution we recommend. Their commitment to quality of service and backup support is exceptional.

If you’re looking for a reliable, scalable cloud solution backed by first class support, you won’t find better than the team at Wolk.


Jason Lugton – Managing Director, Accrivia Pty Ltd.


To whom it may concern,

We have been using Wolk Technology since their inception, and prior to this have worked with both James and Wayne for a number of years for our various IT requirements.

During this time Wolk Technology have assisted us by streamlining our IT Systems and migrating us to a cloud based system which has not only increased the speed and reliability of everything we do, but has had the added benefit of being far more cost effective than continuing to maintain our own servers from both a time and monetary perspective.


Your prompt attendance to rectify our problem today was very much appreciated. You had us back up and going within half an hour.

Thank you for your professional help at a time of enormous stress.

I didn’t see your super hero cape but I am sure you were wearing it underneath.


Majella, Practice Manager

Boronia Medical Centre

Wolk Technology has taken the stress and headache out of our IT responsibilities, giving me back the time spent on IT issues, that should have been spent on the business. Having only had an ADSL connection previously the new fast wireless Internet connection is already paying off with increased efficiency, we can now perform tasks we could not previously.


Medident, Braeside



  • Another milestone

    We have been working toward this for a while now.

    Then after many hours of study, work, exams, accreditation, several emails, a couple of meetings and repeatedly pressing F5, the button said ‘REQUEST UPGRADE REVIEW.”

    We pressed and now we have this badge:-




  • A few more certificates…

    We have picked up a few more AWS certifications at Wolk over the last few months. We are working towards a bigger goal, but we thought we would share this achievement as we now have an “All 5” (original) engineer. We have also picked up the Security Specialty Certification and strengthened our core with further Solution Architect certificates.


    Our training is from, however for the DevOps Professional additional training from was used, as their 2018 course has amazing highlighted detail.



  • Solution Provider for Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows

    WOLK Technology have been working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) since day one. Our aim being to be the best at providing our brand of system on the biggest cloud platform in the world.

    As part of our journey we are working with AWS to achieve accreditation and certification.

    Our latest achievement is that we have been recognised and accredited as a Solution Provider for Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows.

    What this means to us is that our approach and process has been subject to an audit by AWS and we have achieved the required standard. What this means to our customers and potential customers is that we have access to programs and funding to enable their migration of Windows based Services to AWS.

    Further reading:-

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