With many years of international IT industry experience designing complex network architecture, we recognized that amongst all the jargon and acronyms, what clients wanted is real products, transparency and people to help. We decided to do things a bit differently and put our clients at the heart of the business, providing them with the services they need rather than the ones we want to sell them.


James Bettaney

Director - CTO

As a director of WOLK, with leadership skills developed through many years’ experience as a senior systems and network engineer, James’ priority is ensuring that WOLK provides the best IT solutions for our clients migrating to the cloud. James is highly qualified in AWS and what drives him is a passion to make continuous improvements, allowing the people to develop, and WOLK and its clients to grow with them. In his spare time James enjoys cycling.

Wayne Hayes

Director - CEO

With many years’ management and leadership in network, computer and information security as a professional in Cloud Architecture, Wayne has a deep understanding of providing customers with the best possible Infrastructure for their business while considering design, networking, scalability, usability, security and budget. Wayne is responsible for driving consistent and high-quality solutions-architecture processes, overseeing the successful delivery of more complex client projects and he is always looking for new ways to improve development practices and knowledge to ensure WOLK is providing the best service to clients. In his spare time, Wayne enjoys cycling and riding his bike.

Mohammad (Mo) Rajabi

Service and Project Delivery Manager

Mo is focusing on customer experience. He will be your companion during your cloud journey and beyond making sure you experience the full benefit of what Wolk can do for you. His engineering background and his MBA and ITIL certifications mean he can assist anyone within your organisation. Mo is a casual MTB rider and soccer player.

Kylie Thomas


Kylie brings a wealth of EA experience to WOLK and makes problems go away for the management team. Wherever you hear a laugh Kylie is sure to be found nearby with her bright smile and wicked sense of humour. Kylie is a keen artist who loves making fluid art in her spare time, when her family are not keeping her busy.

Chris McGarry

Client Experience Manager

As Client Experience Manager, Chris is in charge of monitoring the health of your company’s systems, expertly finding solutions when issues arise and keeping you in the loop. Chris’ attention to detail combined with many years’ experience in Office365 and networking allows him to head off issues before they impact your business. Outside of work Chris is a keen cook and passionate about stationery.

Alex Rutherford

Senior Engineer

Alex is a versatile and experienced Senior Engineer with a keen focus on Cloud and Security appliances. Alex earned his expertise and skills from 6 years of MSP experience in the field. Alex’s interest and knowledge in technology, leads him to discover new and innovative ways to implement and adapt his clients use of technology to vastly improve their business success. His skills include networking infrastructure, server infrastructure as well as desktop support and a focused knowledge in Cloud solutions, including AWS, Azure, Office365. In his spare time Alex enjoys video games and his Wargaming models.

Matt Morrison

Service Desk Engineer and Cloud Practitioner

Matt is an experienced, dedicated, Service Desk Engineer focused on End User Computer on Amazon Workspaces. Matt has many years of experience working for complex clients in Managed Serviced environments. Matt is a keen social distance runner and holds the current record for fastest mile for the WOLK office.

Vinay Kohirkar

Cloud Engineer

Vinay has a wide spectrum of IT experience that has been gathered from around the globe. He has a strong background in computer networking and has worked on a wide variety of systems. Vinay brings to the team his experience providing quality systems performance and web-based hosting migration. In addition to his technical qualities, Vinay displays solid and effective teamwork and communication skills, and is always up for a bit of banter! In his leisure time, Vinay enjoys cooking, playing guitar and spending time with his friends and family.