We offer the most complete and advanced productivity suite on the market, Office 365.  From the Office Application Suite we all have used for years to an integrated collaboration platform incorporating modern messaging, conferencing, and that even replaces the requirement for an antiquated overpriced phone system.


Office 365 Email

We provide a full enterprise grade email and calendar service via Office 365.  We utilise the robust security and compliance features to best protect your email data. The version we offer is a direct replacement for Microsoft Exchange Server, there are lesser versions.


Office 365 Teams

Office 365 Teams is collaborative messaging platform that integrates with all your existing systems, it has a lot of the features of other messaging platforms that rhyme with hack


Teams Calling

Teams Calling is an addition to Teams that replaces the requirement for a ‘PABX’ or a phone system, that works from anywhere and is linked to your email address login.