About Milestones Technology Group

Milestones Technology Group (MTG) is a leading Australian technology solutions provider. They offer cutting-edge IT services, AI consulting, cloud solutions, cybersecurity, managed services, and software development. Their team delivers personalized solutions, driving digital transformation for businesses globally.

Their recently established AI/ML Consulting services includes free workshops and presentations of possible AI solutions to alleviate businesses’ pain points, across all industries which presents further opportunities to leverage AWS solutions

Transition to the Cloud

MTG collaborates with multiple Tech Start-Ups and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) as their outsourced technology partner. They provide strategic consulting, program/project management, IT operations management, and applications development and management services. Among their clients is a company in the Care Sector of Australia, offering several products.

When conducting organisational scans/needs analysis, MTG recommends business transformation solutions such as skills uplift, software and AI solutions, dashboard reporting, cloud services etc.

One of their key clients had a SaaS product hosted with another cloud provider. During the organisational scan, MTG was given a long list of challenges that they faced with that provider. To address this, MTG conducted an evaluation of different cloud options and suggested migrating the workload to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This was completed successfully and continues to deliver a stable, scalable and secure environment for the SaaS product users.

Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS offers several compelling reasons to choose it as MTG’s preferred cloud hosting platform. Firstly, AWS boasts a robust and mature infrastructure with a global presence, ensuring high availability and low-latency access to your web applications worldwide. With an extensive range of services, AWS provides scalable solutions, allowing you to easily accommodate fluctuating traffic and only pay for the resources you consume.

AWS having local data centres within the country meant that MTG could meet data sovereignty and data residency requirements with confidence.

AWS also offers a vast ecosystem of tools and integrations, enabling seamless deployment and management of web applications. Its comprehensive security measures and compliance certifications instill confidence in the safety of your data and applications. The scalability of AWS allows MTG to easily adjust their resources based on demand, optimizing performance and cost-effectiveness.

The Benefits of Working with AWS and WOLK Technology

Working in tandem with WOLK Technology and AWS has proven highly advantageous for MTG, offering a host of valuable benefits. One of the most significant advantages is the acceleration of their time to market. By teaming up with WOLK Technology, MTG can guarantee a tested, repeatable, secure and proven environment to their clients. This streamlined focus empowers them to swiftly bring their innovative solutions to market.

The collaboration with WOLK and AWS brings the added benefit of Well-Architected guidance. WOLK is a proven global leader when it comes to the AWS Well Architected Framework. This invaluable expertise ensures that MTG’s solutions not only meet but exceed the high-quality standards expected by their customers.

Another crucial advantage lies in the emphasis on operational automation from the very outset of their cloud-based ventures. By incorporating best-practice operational automation right from the start, MTG is well-positioned to handle growth and scalability without facing avoidable operational hurdles down the road.

In essence, the collaboration with WOLK and AWS empowers MTG to thrive in the competitive landscape of cloud computing. It allows them to expedite their product development and delivery process, deliver top-notch solutions to their customers, and ensure smooth operational scalability.

Looking Forward

With WOLK Technology, MTG can anticipate a promising array of opportunities and advantages. As a Well-Architected Partner Program collaborator, MTG gains access to expert guidance and best practices for building high-quality solutions on AWS. This guidance ensures that MTG can meet their customers’ expectations effectively and deliver exceptional value through their cloud-based offerings as security and technology evolves and changes.

WOLK Technology’s expertise in managing cloud environments also relieves MTG from the burdens of routine operational tasks, allowing them to focus on core business activities and product innovation. By entrusting the undifferentiated heavy lifting of cloud management to WOLK, MTG can reduce time-to-market and seize opportunities swiftly, positioning themselves ahead of the competition.

Furthermore, the collaboration with WOLK Technology opens doors to new avenues of growth and expansion. Leveraging the power of AWS and the support of WOLK’s operational automation, MTG has successfully launched several other workloads for their other customers.