4 Security Solutions for Every Business

Virtually all businesses use cloud services for at least some functions. As this trend continues, it’s important to be on top of security to prevent a cyberattack or data breach.

Businesses can use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to increase the security of their cloud computing operations. Through AWS, organisations can automate security tasks that were previously controlled manually. This allows the business to focus solely on core operations.

Besides streamlining and progressing manual security, AWS is the only commercial based cloud service that’s deemed secure enough for top-secret workloads. AWS uses a five pillar framework to help build efficient systems for businesses. Security is the second conceptual pillar, and it contains key security solutions for every business.

1. Automate Security Best Practices
A measure outlined as a design principle is security automation. Automating system security can make your data more secure. It also makes scaling security easier and more cost-effective as it doesn’t require major architectural change.

Employ AWS security software to protect your systems, data, and applications. These systems can be tested and validated, ensuring you have the best practice systems in place.

2. Protect Data at All Times
Data is one of the most valuable commodities a business holds. Stolen data is not only detrimental to your business but can also lead to legal problems. Data must be protected at all times, meaning when it is in storage, during transfers, and when people access it.

Organise your data by security classification, defining classifications by sensitivity levels and use and allocate only essential human access. Storage solutions such as Amazon Glazier are extremely resilient to data loss.

AWS offers encryption services for data transfers and data at rest. Server-side encryption (SSE) is ideal to store encrypted data.

3. Implement Access Management Protocols
Access management can be implemented through basic security features like multiple-factor authentication and strong passwords. An AWS system, such as Identity and Access Management (IAM), allows only authorised employees to access certain information, resources, and programs. The AWS user can customise privilege management, increasing its security.

4. Utilise AWS Detection Systems
AWS detection systems scan and monitor linked operations to identify potential security compromises and threats. There is a wide variety of detection programs, with some more suited to specific industries. It’s essential that your company have at least a minimal level of security detection implemented.

Amazon GuardDuty is an effective security solution that detects dangerous and unauthorised activity within workloads.

Secure Your Business Using AWS
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