Cloud Security and AWS: What You Need to Consider

AWS offers many options to ensure your data is secure in the cloud. By following the design principles and best practices laid out in the Well-Architected Framework’s security pillar, you can keep your data safe.

As an AWS customer, you will also gain access to their data centres and networks, all of which are highly secure. There are many benefits to becoming part of the AWS network.

Greater Control
AWS grants you a higher level of control over your data than other security systems. At any time, you can view who is accessing what data, who has access, and the type of encryption.

There is also continuous monitoring of your data, meaning that AWS will notify you quickly if a breach occurs.

You can integrate AWS’ activity monitor services into your existing workload, meaning that the transition will be as smooth as possible.

Automated, Integrated Services
AWS allows you to automate your security systems and integrate them deeply into your workload and applications. Automation reduces the possibility of human error, lessening the likelihood of a security breach.

You can also use the AWS systems to streamline the communication between security, operations, and development teams. AWS has services that help your teams communicate securely and quickly, meaning that new code can be integrated into your system faster.

Privacy and Data Security
In addition to following your security protocols, you also benefit from the security system at AWS. There is a team monitoring all data stored with AWS 24/7.

Any time you transfer data through or out of the AWS system, it is automatically encrypted. You also can use other encryption methods, including encryption keys managed by the AWS Key Management System.

You also always can see and control any information about your data that involves compliance with regional and national data regulations. If you operate internationally, you must comply with all data regulations.

AWS also helps you protect your infrastructure. You can create filters that block web requests that fit common attack patterns.

Use the AWS Ecosystem
AWS has an extensive international ecosystem consisting of security and solution partners. Through the AWS Partner Network (APN), you can find ready to go cloud software to enhance your cloud security.

You’ll also receive credit with AWS to complete a Well-Architected Review, meaning you won’t be out of pocket. WOLK will assess any high-risk items and mitigate them for you.