Wolk Technology is our idea and interpretation of a ‘cloud technology’ company.

We are determined to find the best methods and designs to deliver IT services to our target markets.  We offer services under the headings of managed services, system implementation or integration, solution architecture, ‘as a service’ and cloud.


We believe that the right partnerships are key to us delivering the right solutions to our clients. Our market sectors and geography challenge us and help us concentrate our focus on what works.  For example, with NBN delays we have found an NBN alternative provider that is very forward thinking with a very accessible pricing model and availability throughout Braeside and Chelsea Heights – contact us for details.


We have many years of combined experience in our areas of the IT industry, we constantly train and retrain to keep up with the most modern technologies and techniques.


In our continually evolving industry we have to continually evolve our skills.  The industry standard for measurement of current relevant skills is vendor or vendor agnostic certifications.  Here is a brief highlight of relevant modern certifications (there are many others but for products that are not current or niche at best)

Amazon Web Services



Microsoft (Azure and Office 365)