As a leading cloud services supplier and creator of the Climate Pledge, Amazon is fully invested in building sustainability awareness. The company works with all AWS customers, partners, and suppliers to promote sustainable cloud computing solutions and achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.

How AWS Engages With Customers for Sustainability
One of the six pillars of the Amazon Well-Architected Framework is sustainability. Customers using Amazon Web Services (AWS) have access to numerous Amazon services and tools to monitor and enhance the sustainability of their workflows.

Commonly used AWS tools for sustainability include the AWS Customer Carbon Footprint Tool, AWS Graviton and EC2 Spot instances, and the availability of carbon-neutral or near-carbon-neutral AWS regions.

While research shows that simply moving to AWS can help a customer reduce its carbon footprint, Amazon also provides many valuable resources and best practices to improve sustainability.

AWS documentation contains tips, pointers, and recommendations to achieve the following sustainability goals:

Choosing the most energy-efficient AWS regions to meet business and sustainability needs
Efficient usage of scalable infrastructure to ensure your organisation only uses the resources it needs, minimising wastage
Software and architecture optimisations to minimise unnecessary hardware load
Changing or developing a sustainability process and culture within your organisation

Amazon Partnerships to Promote Sustainability
Amazon works with multiple organisations to help AWS users find third-party sustainability data through the AWS Data Exchange.

Businesses of all sizes and types can use the Data Exchange to factor climate risks into their organisational portfolio, reduce their carbon footprint, or simply become compliant with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requirements.

Other Amazon partnerships for sustainability, such as Global Optimism, the Nature Conservancy, and the We Mean Business Coalition, are focused on helping the company reach its stated Climate Pledge goals. These partnerships help Amazon get to net-zero carbon emissions, benefitting AWS users with more sustainable cloud computing.

Responsible and Sustainable Supply Chain Management with AWS
One of Amazon’s major supply chain commitments is an engagement toward environmental protection. Amazon pledges to source products and services from suppliers with a sustainability pledge, ensuring the supply chain is more respectful of the environment.

AWS users benefit from the company’s responsible supply chain management in multiple ways. The energy used to power AWS data centres increasingly comes from renewable sources, helping your organisation reduce its carbon footprint.

Many of the hardware elements in Amazon data centres receive continuous improvements to enhance their performance and energy efficiency, such as the AWS Graviton processors.

Achieve Your Objectives with WOLK
The WOLK team can help your business grow while meeting sustainability objectives. We can help you engage and become compliant with the AWS Sustainability pillar to create responsible, energy-efficient workloads. Contact WOLK today to learn more.