Selecting Storage Solutions Under AWS

Storage is an essential part of cloud usage, holding the information of your workload. Cloud storage is a more secure way to keep data safe than traditional physical servers kept on site. With the cloud, you have the flexibility to access your information from different regions and migrate it to a new location should you need to do so.

AWS Storage Solutions
AWS offers three types of storage solutions to meet your needs:

1. Object Storage
Object storage is designed for exceptional durability to access data from any location. This is an ideal storage method for backups or data recovery, with Amazon Simple Storage Solution platform leading the industry in security and performance.

2. Block Storage
Block storage is low latency (minimal delay) storage that is reliable through its consistency. This storage solution is comparable to direct-attached storage (DAS) or Storage Area Network (SAN). You can make workloads easy to access with Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS).

3. File Storage
This solution allows a team to access storage from different systems with permission. Ideal for user home directories or media storage, Amazon Elastic File System is one example of AWS File Storage.

Factors to Consider
Choosing the best storage method for your system depends on a variety of different factors. How frequently will it be accessed? Will it be online and in use all the time, or will it be used for archival purposes? It’s also important to consider how frequently your system will be updated and its durability limitations. The AWS Well-Architected Systems use multiple storage solutions to maximize your productivity and keep costs useful.

Storage and AWS Pillars
AWS Well-Architected Framework operates based on five pillars: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimisation. Storage falls under the fourth pillar, performance efficiency, by taking a data-driven approach to the building of digital architecture. It is vital to regularly review your selections for storage to make sure you’re maximizing your potential as the cloud continues to evolve.

Contact WOLK for a Review
Schedule a well-architected review with WOLK, a certified leading partner of AWS Well-Architected Framework. The review process highlights deficiencies in your system and then executes a remediation process to address those issues. Maintaining an efficient performance is only achievable by assessing how well your system’s various elements are working together daily. Responding quickly to security threats, performance problems, or costly outcomes keep systems operating at their best.