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WOLK Technology understand the risks that organisations face when considering the use of cloud services. With new legislative compliance such as the Data Breach Notification Act there are many areas of concern, including data breaches, breach reporting, privacy concerns, GDPR, ransomware, cryptolocker, and hacks.

A quick summary of best practice guidelines for mitigating against loss are:

  • Robust backup and disaster recovery to ensure business continuity
  • Encryption, in transit and at rest
  • Updates and patching of operating systems, software and equipment
  • Strong authentication and password policies
  • Effective anti virus and anti spam technologies
  • Redundancy for critical systems and services
  • Regular checking / auditing / monitoring from a trusted source

WOLK Technology understand the constraints of a Micro or Small Business, Franchisee or Start Up to maintain and enforce these guidelines on limited budgets.

For those who do not keep up with every trend in cloud and security it can be hard to sift through the scare campaigns, false promises and disclaimers to service that many provide.

WOLK Technology stay at the forefront of cloud based technologies and work with you to deliver a scalable solution that stands up to enterprise level security compliance. A solution that is built to a consistently high standard, constantly tested for compliance using in-built automations and priced to fit your business’s needs.

We take care of the server management and maintenance for you, ensure your service can meet the highest standards (HiPAA eligibility and PCI compliance, for example) and is available from anywhere on any supported device.

We used a service called AWS Workspaces as our base, we then added: Enterprise grade email with the right tools to protect data; managed cloud based anti virus; automated and human monitoring; automated compliance testing; automated patching and maintenance. All of this built on the market leading, world’s largest and most robust public cloud, Amazon Web Services. The AWS platform has been approved for use by Government agencies and the most successful enterprises across the world, so you can be assured that the systems are as robust and secure as you can get.

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