Our cloud origins

WOLK was based on a cloud architecture and as such we have based what we do on the principles of “well architected”, designing what we do as if we were building a system or product. We continually review what we are doing, is there a better, faster way of doing it with the same or better results? We constantly measure everything we do, be that through real time monitoring or other means. We then evolve our processes and improve over time, doing everything slightly better every time we do it. We also automate as much of what we do as possible, if it’s automated it’s always a known quantity.

Being born from the cloud also means that we don’t lock people in to lock term contracts, 30 days is all we ask for. Everything constantly evolves, change when you want to.


We believe we are unique in the way we do business, for us it’s more about giving great service than numbers and stats. We build relationships with our clients and our vendors. We know most of our customers on a first name basis, this is the way we like it. Working closely with other vendors is a huge bonus, we cannot do everything for everyone, knowing where our strengths and weaknesses are is key.


We based our business on 3 pillars – Managed services provider (MSP – support, hosting etc), Software vendor support (ERP,  business systems, “whiteboxing” our services for other vendors or partners) and lastly Cloud Consulting (AWS, O365, Azure and shadow IT).


We do what we do and we do it well. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and caring in everything we do. We would much rather spend more time setting something up and putting heaps of monitoring in place than just smash something together and call it a day. Our vision is not just for today or tomorrow but rather doing the best we can so your systems work as best they can.