A few more certificates…

We have picked up a few more AWS certifications at Wolk over the last few months. We are working towards a bigger goal, but we thought we would share this achievement as we now have an “All 5” (original) engineer. We have also picked up the Security Specialty Certification and strengthened our core with further Solution Architect certificates.

DevopsTelerik.Web.UI.WebResourceSA Ass

Our training is from acloud.guru, however for the DevOps Professional additional training from linuxacademy.com was used, as their 2018 course has amazing highlighted detail.



AWS this week

We have shared the content produced by acloud.guru for a while. However we have taken the decision to stop. We were sharing from their YouTube channel, however the best place to view this content is their site, https://acloud.guru/series/aws-this-week/view/latest.  There is added value here with links, resources, discussions and history, so we took the view we were reducing value, not adding.

The previous posts will be archived over time.

Solution Provider for Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows


WOLK Technology have been working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) since day one. Our aim being to be the best at providing our brand of system on the biggest cloud platform in the world.

As part of our journey we are working with AWS to achieve accreditation and certification.

Our latest achievement is that we have been recognised and accredited as a Solution Provider for Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows.

What this means to us is that our approach and process has been subject to an audit by AWS and we have achieved the required standard. What this means to our customers and potential customers is that we have access to programs and funding to enable their migration of Windows based Services to AWS.

Further reading:-

AWS Partner Profile

More information on our site


AWS Certifications – Solution Architect Professional

Our first AWS professional certificate has been acheived within Wolk. The certification was the Solution Architect Professional.

The exam was tough, not necessarily because of the difficulty of the questions but because of the time limit. There seemed to be exactly the right amount of time to answer the questions and review what was flagged. Just under 3 hours of relentless scenario based questions.

SA Pro


Resources used to prepare:-

AWS whitepapers – especially the “Anti-Patterns”


Straight onto the Advanced Network Specialty, we have heard it is also a challenge.